"Well my friends, how are you? Young and healthy, cool, calm, collected, and contented... and so you should be contented. You all live clustered lives. You're carried to adventure to adventure in your warm, comfortable trunk, and who carries you? I do...a frail, fragile old man."
                                                        -Andre Toulon
The interview that everyone has been waiting for, Charles Band. Charles Band is the Father of Fullmoon/Horror. His films have been stardom for many celebrities, Helen Hunt, Jeff Celenatno, Charlie Spradling etc. Mr. Band's films have given many fans memories of Killer dolls and creatures from "Dolls", "Demonic Toys", "Subspecies" and of course "Puppet Master." In this interview we touch the new film "PM X" and many more to come. This Interview is for to ALL of you supporting this Fan site.  ENJOY!