"Well my friends, how are you? Young and healthy, cool, calm, collected, and contented... and so you should be contented. You all live clustered lives. You're carried to adventure to adventure in your warm, comfortable trunk, and who carries you? I do...a frail, fragile old man."
                                                        -Andre Toulon
Here we have an interview of Puppet Master X with Scott King. Scott plays The new villain, SS Commandant Heinrich Moebius in Puppet Master X. Scott first approached me about our 100 question questionnaire and asked if he could join. It was a surprise to me to have one of the actors want to join. Scott told me we could only talk for about 20min... but little did we know that those 20min became 1hr 42min long. It was a pleasure and an honor for this actor to be on the forums and communicate with the fans. I edit the interview to fit around 40min long, trust me fans you wont be disappointed. Here in this interview Mr. King talks about the new film and his role in the upcoming PMX film out later this year. ENJOY!