"Well my friends, how are you? Young and healthy, cool, calm, collected, and contented... and so you should be contented. You all live clustered lives. You're carried to adventure to adventure in your warm, comfortable trunk, and who carries you? I do...a frail, fragile old man."
                                                        -Andre Toulon
Name: Andre Toulon aka "The Puppet Master"
First appearance: Puppet Master I (1989)
Origin: Dr. Andre Toulon began teaching chemistry & anatomy in Paris, France. The secret of re-animation was given to Toulon during his trip by "immortal Egyptian" Afzel (according to Retro PuppetMaster). During WWII, Toulon and his friends, Heinz and Herman, would aid the Jewish community from the Nazi regime from time-to-time. Eventually, they were caught by the Germans, but Toulon was the only one to escape. Witnessing the murders of his beloved friends, Toulon could no longer handle the "bloodshed", so he decides to take his skill in anatomy into a "different" direction, creating marionettes. He took residence in Germany with wife, Elsa, which is a quickly regretted decision, as the Gestapo began looking for him for his "immortal formula".  Toulon escapes to Switzerland, where he flees Europe to America. When in America, he settles in Bodega Bay at an inn, owned by his cousin Paul Toulon (according to the comics). However, upon arrival, 2 assassins (sent by the Gestapo) try to infiltrate his room, but they find him lifeless (suicide).
Name: Rick Myers/ PuppetMaster
First appearance: Puppet Master 4 (1993)
Origin: Rick Myers is introduced as the "NEW PUPPET MASTER" in PM 4 & 5. Dr. Myers is part of an R.N.D. project trying to figure out Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) formula, similar to the formula that Toulon had. Myers is followed by Blade who is being guided by Andre Toulon tokeep the formula safe and away from evil. Myers and the Puppets must face the evils of the Totem.
Name: Alex Whittaker
First appearance: Puppet Master I (1989)
Origin: Alex is 1 of 4 psychics who are investigating the death of Neil Gallagher, who has unlock the power of Andre Toulon. Alex was revealed to have been committed and driven crazy in PuppetMaster II. Although Alex wasn't killed in the film, he did get murdered by the puppets in the comic book series.  
Name: Dr. Magrew/ PuppetMaster
First appearance: Curse of The Puppet Master  (1998)
Origin: Dr. Magrew was introduced as "The New Puppet Master" in this film but with a hidden agenda. Although he is a loving father he reaches out to a young wood carver, Tank. This new Puppet Master is closely referenced to Andre Toulon in Puppet Master II. You cant play God and create life, but no one said anything about creating life as the  Devil...
Name: Lance
First appearance: The Puppet Master II  (1991)
Origin: Lance is part of a paranormal team who are investigating the mysterious deaths that accord at the Bodega Bay Inn. The team is also trying to discover to why Alex Whitaker went crazy and killed himself. Lance is more of the "Tech-Guy" of the group, responsible for setting up to equipment (Video, cameras, motion sensors etc.). Lance seems to sleep with Hot woman who are worth cheating on his wife. C'mon who hasn't cheated especially if its a hot woman.
Name: Donnie Coogan
First appearance: Puppet Master: Axis of Evil  (2010)
Origin: Don is the pre-puppet of Ninja and brother to Danny, who is the new puppet master. Donnie is in the service and wants to serve his country and is a sneaky bastard, literaly. Donnie wanted the chance to kill a handful of Nazis but due to his unfortunate death, he didn't get his chance. Donnie was resurrected by his brother to get his revenge and use his sneaking skills to use.
Name: SS Commandant Heinrich Moebius
First appearance: Puppet Master X
Origin:Unknown for now
Name: Eriquee Chanee
First appearance: Puppet Master (1991)
Origin: I'd like to thin this is the "alter-ego" to Andre Toulon. Chanee shows up in the film as the owner and under goes by this name, rather that Andre Toulon. Seeing that the Puppets used the "formula" to resurect Andre Toulon. Toulon came back but not as himself. Toulon saw his puppets as his children, so I found it hard to believe that he didn't care for them. Also seeing that Elsa's soul was in Leech Woman, yes i know, she died. That means he was replacing his wife with someone completely new.