"Well my friends, how are you? Young and healthy, cool, calm, collected, and contented... and so you should be contented. You all live clustered lives. You're carried to adventure to adventure in your warm, comfortable trunk, and who carries you? I do...a frail, fragile old man."
                                                        -Andre Toulon

Scott King (Puppet Master X: Axis Rising) and Robert LaSardo (Waterworld, Léon: The Professional, Death Race) have been signed as actors and associate producers on a unique new horror feature Home Stay, compiling live footage which chronicles the terrifying mystery behind the disappearance of a successful young couple. 

The collaboration brings Savir Productions, AJL Pictures, Lion Crest Pictures and executive producer Aleksandra Zorich Hunt together with upcoming film The Pizza Joint producers Sam Rivas and William L. Molina. Filming is slated to begin August 2017 in Houston, Texas.

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