"Well my friends, how are you? Young and healthy, cool, calm, collected, and contented... and so you should be contented. You all live clustered lives. You're carried to adventure to adventure in your warm, comfortable trunk, and who carries you? I do...a frail, fragile old man."
                                                        -Andre Toulon

Video Zone

It was quite an experience to see how these films were made; the patience, creativity, the cast and, of course, the process. Hearing that "Video Zone theme" and seeing the intro was an overwhelming feeling, knowing I was going to get to see more of the puppets. There's something about that music, I don't know what it is...
   What I want is to share my excitement with those from the younger generation and refresh those fans who remember it fondly. ENJOY!

PuppetMaster I

PuppetMaster II

PuppetMaster III

PuppetMaster IV

PuppetMaster V

Curse of the PuppetMaster

Retro PuppetMaster